About ZPiSdN

Zakład Poprawczy i Schronisko dla Nieletnich was established in 1964 according to Polish  Ministry of Justice Act as a male young offender institution.

ZPiSdN is located on the outskirts of Konstantynów Łódzki in Łódź Voivodeship in central Poland.

The building contains three wings with school, administration and induction wing on the ground floor and residential wings on the higher floors. All residential wings have fully furnished rooms.

Our objective is to ensure the care, welfare and rehabilitation of young offenders in an environment suitable for young people and to keep them away from the contaminating atmosphere of a prison. Generally a young offender is regarded as such until the date of their 21st birthday,

Schronisko dla Nieletnich is a secure residential facility for young people , awaiting court hearings.

Zaklad Poprawczy is intended for the juveniles who have been sentenced by the court into the custody of a secure juvenile correctional facility

The juveniles in conflict with law detained in our Zaklad Poprawczy are provided education and various vocational training. The emphasis is given on the education, training and moral influence conducive to their reformation and the prevention of crime.

For our residents we offer a daily doctor’s surgery, social and psychological support, , a weekly dental facility, and also a consultant psychiatric service.

Contact in English at: sekretariat@konstantynow.zpisdn.gov.pl

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